Mechanical, Fiberglass, Gelcoat, Wood Refinishing/Brightwork, Electrical & Detailing 

Monthly Boat Watch 

Regular boat watch

$8 per 15 - 25ft per month

$7.50 per 26-38 ft per month 

$6 per 39 - 50ft per month 

$6.50 per 51 -80ft per month 

$5.50 per 81-150ft per month 

Extended boat watch will be in additional $3

Rates may vary upon footage 

Yard fees:

-Environmental fee   $30.00 per ft

-Outside storage      $10.00 per ft.

-Inside storage         $15.00 per ft.

-Late boat pick up fee $25.00 Per day.

-Supplies Purchased in house 35% mark up.

Marine systems:

-Sanitation         $135.00 per Hr.

-Fresh water       $135.00 per Hr.

-Heater installation $135.00 per Hr.

Boat detailing:

-Labor $65.00 Hr. or 47-67+ per ft.

-Pressure washing $8.00 per ft.

-Repositioning assistance $60.00 Per Tech Assist.

Mobile fees:

- All travel is Prorated at     $135.00 per Hr.

- Pick-up / Drop-off Vessel 

Max Compacity 11,000 Pounds $5 Per Mile

-Projects over $10,000 mobile fees will be waived

-After hours one hour minimum $150.00 Hr.

-Emergency Call out One hr. Minimum $175.00 Hr.

-*Unscheduled Supplies Needed same day for mobile work will be charged mobile time for logistics.  

Fiberglass & Fairing:

-Fiberglass     $135.00 per Hr.

-Gelcoat          $125.00 per Hr. or 125.00 Per Inch

-Faring           $100.00 per Hr.

Marine electrical:

-AC-DC                         $140.00 Hr.

Paint & finish:

-Bright work or wood coating refinish $100.00 per Hr.

-Marine paint prep and coating application $100.00 per Hr.

-Bottom paint 2 coats $100.00 per ft.

-Top Coat with primer $300.00-500.0 per ft.

Winterization servies

-Price may vary call today for rates on servies. 

Marine mechanical:

-Trouble shooting minimum $135.00 per Hr.

-Gas & Diesel $145.00 per Hr.