Mechanical, Fiberglass, Gelcoat, Wood Refinishing/Brightwork, Electrical & Detailing 

This program has become very popular with our “out of town” clients as well as locals and has increasingly become a year-round option for those who want an extra pair of eyes on their boat, especially in the “off season”. 

Standard Boat Watch Program Monthly Checks
1. General interior and exterior check              
2. Fenders and dock lines                                      
3. Run engine(s) & generator(s) - (Momentarily to circulate oil(s)           
 4. Check bilges & bilge pump(s) operation
5. Shore power

STANDARD BOAT WATCH PRICE: Starts at $5.50/per foot, 
per month - service includes storm watch, checking and securing boat with severe weather. 

Additional checks available upon request at an additional charge of $3 (i.e., run water maker, diesel heater, check fluids, batteries, engine service).
Requested weekly checks are $6.50/ per foot. 

We recommend...
  • 1. Removing items from fridge & freezer   
  • 2. Leaving inverters on "charge only" (not "invert")
  • 3. Leave extra dock lines accessible for urgent conditions

Running engines and generators periodically is recommended for lubrication purposes.
Due to the design of (most) marine engine exhaust systems, salt air circulates around valves and cylinders. Running the engines keeps rust and corrosion from building up in those areas.

For more " Boat Watch Information "

James Lawler

(360) 598-2595

You are welcome to pay one month or even one year in advance upon purchase, biased on footage and service(s) you are requesting.