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Boat Wash 12 Month Package Bremerton Only


Boat Wash Program Monthly ~Basic Wash~ Wash of all visible exteriors areas. Boat will be washed, windows squeegeed, and shammy.

All surrounding areas will have additional travel fee of $60 minimum, if in a surronding area, an invoice will be sent seperatly.

Price is per foot, monthly

In quantity at checkout, insert how many feet your boat is. For example, if you have a 12 foot boat your quanitiy will be 12. 

Price does not reflect labor cost. Customers will be billed following the completion of the wash at a discounted rate of $60 per hour. A $10 admin fee will be added to all invoices.

Price does not reflect supplies and parts cost. Supplies and parts cost will be billed following the completion of the wash.


What size boat do you own (feet)? Where is your boat located?

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